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Instagram e WhatsApp si chiameranno Instagram from Facebook e WhatsApp from Facebook

Cambieranno a breve i nomi ufficiali di Instagram e WhatsApp sui due store Play Store di Google e App Store di Apple per dispostivi Android e iOs. Le due piattaforme e app sono di Facebook che ha comprati Instagram nel 2012 per un miliardo di dollari e WhatsApp nel 2014 per  19 miliardi di dollari. I nuovi nomi ufficiali saranno Instagram from Facebook e WhatsApp from Facebook come recentemente è già accaduto a Oculus comprata a sui volta per 2 miliardi di dollari nel 2014 che ora si chiama Oculus from Facebook.

I portavoce di Facebook hanno chiarito  a The Information la volontà di essere più chiari sui prodotti e i servizi che fanno parte di Facebook.

Employees for the apps were recently notified about the changes, which come as antitrust regulators are examining Facebook’s acquisitions of both apps. The app rebranding is a major departure for Facebook, which until recently had allowed the apps to operate and be branded independently. The distance has helped both apps avoid being tarnished by the privacy scandals that have hurt Facebook. The move to add Facebook’s name to the apps has been met with surprise and confusion internally, reflecting the autonomy that the units have operated under.

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also been frustrated that Facebook doesn’t get more credit for the growth of Instagram and WhatsApp. Associating those apps with Facebook could improve the overall companies’ brand with consumers. The ‘from Facebook’ branding will be visible inside the apps — users will see it when they log on, for instance — and elsewhere, such as in app stores.

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